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Julian House Bike Workshop – Bristol

Unit B, Baptist Mills Court
Bristol, City of Bristol BS5 0FJ
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 0117 951 2541

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, regrettably, our shops will be closed with immediate effect.

The well-being of our staff and customers is our top priority so we have decided to close our stores to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These closures will go into effect from Monday, March 23 until further notice. We are taking additional steps, including staggered work schedules, social distancing and additional safety and cleaning steps to help protect and support our staff.

Available Services In Bristol

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Price lists

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General Servicing

Bronze Service £30

− Brake & gear tune
− Tyre pressures
− Drive train lubrication
− Nuts & bolts checked
− Advisory report

Silver Service £60
Includes free new gear and brake new cables and outers!

As per Bronze Service plus:
− Supply and fit new brake & gear cables & outers
− Check and adjust wheel hub axles, headset & bottom bracket where possible,
− Check wear on drive train & brake pads
− Inspect tyres & wheels
− Fit new parts or accessories, excluding bottom bracket & headset

− All parts, excluding cables & outers
− Wheel truing & hub servicing

Gold Service £120
Includes free new gear and brake new cables and outers!

As per Silver Service plus:
− Headset removed, cleaned and greased
− Bottom bracket removed, cleaned and greased (unless sealed)
− Hub axles removed, cleaned and greased (unless sealed)
− True both wheels, where possible
− Drive train cleaned and checked for wear

− All parts, excluding cables & outers

Labour Rate

Labour hourly rate £40
Minimum labour charge £10

Brake Servicing

Rim Brakes
• Cleaning of rims and pads, tuning of brake callipers and re-greasing of cables. New brake pads will be charged separately. £15 for one
£25 the pair

Disk Brake
• Includes oil. New brake pads will be charged separately. £20 for one
£35 the pair

Drivetrain Servicing

Derailleur Service
Includes free new cables and outers!
• Front and/or rear derailleur. Includes cleaning of sprockets and chain and a tune-up of the derailleur. £15 each, or £25 for both.

Sturney Archer Service

• Complete disassembly, clean, grease, rebuild and tune-up From £32

Fit Cassette or Freewheel
•  £10 to change the chain or a cassette/freewheel. If we change both (chain and cassette, or chain and freewheel), £15

Wheel Servicing

Wheel truing
• Wheel truing using a jig and adjusting spoke tension. New spokes will be charged separately at £1 each. Between £15 - £25 depending on the work required.

Fitting Axle Bearings
• Includes bearings £15
• Replacing axle £20

Wheel Build
• Assembly of hub, spokes and rim and balancing of the wheel. This price assumes that you are providing all the parts.

• Puncture standard bike front or rear £8 + cost of tube

• Puncture Hub Gear or Electric Hub £15-£20 + Cost of tube

Replacement Spokes
• Spoke replacement front £12 + Spoke cost

• Spoke replacement Front Disc £16 + Spoke Cost

• Spoke replacement Rear £18 + cost of spoke

• Spoke Replacement Rear disc, folding, hub gear, electric hub £22 +spoke cost

• All of the above + £5 if tyre & tube to be removed and refitted

Other Components

Fit Headset £25
Fit Bottom Bracket, for sealed or regular bottom brackets £20

‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ services include a free new set of gear and brake cables and outers.
These prices cover the labour element of the jobs listed. If your mechanic thinks that you need replacement parts, or additional labour, they will contact you first to agree the cost.

We have a large range of affordable fully refurbished adult and kids bikes with 3 months warranty. Many of them are listed on our Instagram page
If you are interested in any of our New or Refurbished bikes please call beforehand to check they are still available.
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