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Much like a charity shop takes donations of clothes, Julian House Bike Workshop accepts donation of bicycles. All the bikes that get donated contribute to the Julian House Bike Workshop mission and help to achieve positive change for vulnerable people in the local area.

Donated bikes are either:

• Refurbished and given a good home as part of the Build-a-Bike programme
• Sold to raise money for Julian House Bike Workshop’s charitable mission
• Stripped down for useful parts

Start a Community Bike Donation Drop-Off

You can support our life changing services by setting up a Bike Donation Drop-Off in your community.

Our good work relies on a steady supply of donated unwanted bikes. A pop-up bike donation drop-off is a bike donation drive where we challenge you to find at least 5 unwanted bikes from your community, be that a business, school, university, scout/guide or church group. You might find these by asking your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, or by promoting your bike donation drive on-line or around your local area.

Your bike donation drive may last a few weeks where you collect and store bikes until you have enough for us to collect, or you can organise your donors to drop bikes off on a single day, just in time for us to collect. It’s up to you.

All you need is a secure, dry space to store the bikes and once you’re ready, we’ll drop by with our van and collect them.

What kind of bikes do we need?

We need bikes that are mostly rust-free and have been kept dry. We need all styles and sizes; mountain bikes, BMXs, ladies’ bikes, kids bikes and vintage racers are all in demand.

If a bike has been left outside and is rusty, unfortunately it won’t be economically viable for us to refurbish it and it will actually end up costing us money to scrap it. If you’re unsure just get in touch with one of our bike workshops and they will be able to advise.

Why host a Pop-Up Bike Donation Drop-Off?

We simply couldn’t operate without the kindness of people being willing to donate their unwanted bike to us. By collecting donations for us you will be helping to transform the lives and futures of people who are homeless and socially excluded. You will be helping to protect the environment by preventing an unwanted bike going to landfill, and by keeping a bike on the road, you’ll also be contributing to cleaner air and less congestion.

How to get started

Getting started is really easy.

Just get in touch with your nearest Julian House Bike Workshop and let us know you’re interested in hosting a pop-up bike donation drop-off.

Bath Bike Workshop | | 01225 463350

Trowbridge Bike Workshop | | 01225 764485

We’ll then request some further information and discuss your bike donation drive in more detail.

How your donated bikes make a real difference to peoples lives.

Julian House Donate-A-BikeThanks to your generosity, people like Danielle are using bikes to move forward with their lives.

Danielle spent her childhood in foster homes, became homeless at 17 and spent years in abusive relationships.
Eventually she found the strength to seek help and start putting her life back together. She completed a build-a-bike course at our bike workshop, where an unwanted bike like yours was put to good use helping to rebuild her confidence, develop new skills and gain work experience. Danielle succeeded in transforming a donated bike into a machine she could be proud of. She went on to undertake a work placement and received further support and training from Julian House to find and secure paid work.

“This bike means everything to me, because I built it. I never knew I could achieve something like this. To me it’s more than just a bike; it’s my freedom and my independence. My support worker calls it my ‘wheels to recovery”.

Thanks to you, people like Danielle will have access to training, support and a lasting route out of hardship and disadvantage.

Thank you!

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