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Dr Bike Mobile Mechanic

Dr. Bike is a portable workshop that brings bicycle maintenance facilities to events, schools, offices and other locations out on the road. If you can’t come to the workshop, then Dr. Bike brings the workshop to you!

We run Dr. Bike from both our Trowbridge and Bath workshops. The Dr. Bike pop-up workshop is very compact and fits into the Julian House Bike Workshop van along with a skilled mechanic. This efficient set-up provides comprehensive bicycle maintenance from a minimal footprint. The speedy and economic nature of Dr. Bike makes it ideal for one-day applications where you want to show your commitment to caring for cyclists.

Dr. Bike travels light, so whilst there will be all the essential tools, supplies of spare parts are necessarily limited and some of the more exotic equipment typically gets left at home. However, the service is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. If you have particular requirements, or if you think your cyclists will be presenting particular problems, then you should let Dr. Bike know.

To book a visit from Dr. Bike, or to find out more please call any of shops. Bath 01225 463350, Trowbridge 01225 764485

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