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Terms and Conditions 09.07.2021


  1. By hiring an e-bike you agree to these Terms and Conditions
  2. The e-bikes must be returned to Julian House Bath Bike Workshop at the end of each hire period (for safe storage, maintenance and charging).
  3. No refund will be given for late arrivals at the beginning of a hire period.
  4. A deposit of £250 is taken per booking (regardless of number of bikes booked) at the beginning of the first hire period and returned at the end of the hire period(s), with charges for any late return fees, repairs or replacements required deducted.
  5. A photo ID from one of the riders must be left during each hire period.
  6. The users will be instructed how to use the e-bikes before they leave and during the beginning of the first hire period.

Late returns

  1. If the bike(s) are returned late (more than 15 minutes). An additional £25 charge per bike will be incurred.
  2. Julian House Bath e-Bike Hire reserves the right to repossess and cancel any further bookings without refund if the bikes are sufficiently late.
  3. Julian House Bath e-Bike Hire may waive the late return fees under exceptional circumstances.
  4. Late charges will not be incurred due to a mechanical failure, so long as we have been notified at the time of the occurrence by telephone on  01225 463350.


  1. E-bikes can be hired without a booking in advance. However, we cannot guarantee an e-bike will be available.


  1. Cancellations can be made at least before 24 hours before the beginning of the hire period without charge, thereafter the cancellation fee will be 50% of the booking amount. Once cancelled, we will credit you within approximately seven business days. Credits will be applied by the same method with which you paid.


  1. Helmets and high-vis vests are provided and the hirer is strongly advised to wear them, but not required to (see liability).
  2. The hirer must follow the rules of the road and follow highway code.
  3. Sensible shoes (not flip flops) and clothes are to be worn appropriate for cycling and for the weather.
  4. The e-bikes are not designed and should not be used for off-road use or racing
  5. No accessories are to be fitted to the e-bikes by the user.
  6. The e-bikes must not be submerged in water, including submerging deep enough to reach the motor or bottom bracket.
  7. Julian House Bath e-Bike Hire reserves the right to repossess without refund if we believe the bikes are being ridden in an unsafe, damaging or reckless manner.
  8. Bicycle locks are provided, bikes must be locked together or to a permanent fixture through the frame.


  1. If there is any mechanical fault a replacement bike will be brought to you, if one is available.
  2. A refund proportional to time lost from that hire period will only be given for mechanical failure if it is due to a fault with the e-bike, and not through careless use or neglect, and if we cannot bring a replacement e-bike within a reasonable time.

Liability and risk

  1. The e-bikes are only to be ridden by those over the age of 14 by UK law
  2. Children (14-18 yrs) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  3. The user acknowledges that cycling is an inherently risky activity and accepts all responsibility for loss or damage to possessions and injury or death of the user/their child.
  4. Use of the phone bracket on the bike is entirely at the hirers risk.  We can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage arising.
  5. The hirer accepts responsibility for loss or damage to the bikes, accessories or others or their possessions and injury or death of others while using our e-bikes.
  6. Julian House Bath e-Bike Hire accepts no responsibility for changes or delays to the hire period for any reason, for example your inability to complete an entire hire period due to injury, weather or other causes.

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