Donate-a-bike bad example

Whilst we really appreciate every bike that is donated, we have to offset the amount of time our expert mechanics spend on refurbishing them and the cost of new parts to make each bike road worthy again. Our rule of thumb is that if your bike has been kept somewhere dry (a garage, or shed) then it’s more than likely that it will be fine. The accompanying photos will give you a good idea of a bike that doesn’t meet our standards in a donation. The chain is very rusty, the pedals and cranks no longer move freely because of the rust. The paint is flaking off with rust coming through and the seatpost and stem are both seized with rust in the frame and can no longer be adjusted. This bike will end up going to the scrap yard.

This is just a rough guide to the standard of bike we are looking for, if you are at all unsure please contact us and we will discuss your bike before you visit us. The foolproof way is to email us a selection of photos to your nearest Julian House Bike Workshop, please put Donate-a-bike in the subject and will get back to you as quickly as we can.