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Cycle further, faster, and longer with the Claud Butler Haste-E! The Haste-E bicycle is the next level up from the Falcon Turbine making it the ideal bike for some serious off-roading. Containing various new improvements such as the advanced drivetrain with the Shimano Altus shifters and derailleurs, keeping gear changing smooth and effective. The improved braking system with the Tekto hydraulic disc brakes, increasing safety, reactiveness, and braking power and 700mm handlebars and 60mm stem, improving bike control.

In addition, The Haste-E bike comes with a 250w Rear Hub motor and LED handlebar display with 3 levels of power assist that can effortlessly assist you up to 25kmph (15.5mph), so it’s ideal for helping you race back up those steep tracks! In addition, it features walk-assist so you can easily manoeuvre the bicycle around those tricky obstacles without expending extra energy.

Accompanying the motor is the 360Wh Lithium Battery that can keep you riding at a top speed of 25kmph (15.5mph) for up to 45km on one charge! However, this is dependent on various riding conditions such as weight, terrain, and weather etc.

Additionally, the battery can easily be disconnected from the frame and be fully charged within 5 hours. Also, it’s elegantly placed on the downtube to improve balance and weight distribution across the bike and to keep the battery out of the way when cycling.