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Smoothie Bike

Fun, healthy and delicious!

Smoothie bikes are stationary cycles that harness the cyclists pedalling energy to power a blender that sits over the front wheel. Fruit goes into the blender jug and after approx. 30 seconds of pedalling the cyclist is served a healthy, nutritious drink.

A smoothie bike is a dynamic activity that energises focusing on health and wellbeing.

We take our smoothie bikes into schools and all kinds of events, with dozens of children and adults cycling to blend their own 100% fruit smoothies.

For more information, or to book, please use the contact form below or contact one of our shops.

Smoothie Bike Booking Enquiry
Example packages

Prices (incl. VAT)

Option 1

You pick up the smoothie bike and return it to us either the same or next day

Option 2

We deliver the smoothie bike and collect it either the same or next day

Option 3

We deliver the smoothie bike, provide an operator for half a day along with enough fruit for 30 smoothies and collect it either the same or next day

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