What you’ll get out of it

Volunteering at your local Julian House Bike Workshop gives you a range of opportunities to develop your skills, provide a service to the community and support the work of a well respected charity. Being a growing social enterprise, Julian House Bike Workshop gives you chance to gain experience through a rewarding mix of business and charity activities:

On the one hand, the Julian House Bike Workshop network exists to create opportunities for vulnerable people. On the other hand, the workshop functions as a business and pays for it’s charitable work by serving customers and meeting a genuine local need.

If you’re keen to learn practical skills, then you can get hands on and build bikes in the workshop. Otherwise, if you’re inclined to keep your hands a bit cleaner and spend more time talking to people, you can take a more customer-facing role.

As part of your voluntary role with Julian House Bike Workshop, you’ll receive all the training and all the support you need to enjoy it and be successful. Whilst some experience in a similar role is an advantage, the only really important thing is that you’re committed and ready to learn.
How to apply

Full details of the roles available and information on how to apply can be found on the volunteering opportunities page of the Julian House website.