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Wheels to Independence

The Wheels to Independence project is for Wiltshire residents who are living on benefits or on a low income and is supported by the Wiltshire Community Transport Fund.

The scheme is to helping individuals to overcome transport barriers they may face in accessing work or training opportunities, social activities and health-related appointments.

Through the scheme, people can get;

A loan bike, for up to 12 weeks
A lock, helmet, and pump and puncture repair kit for the duration of the loan
A consultation with an experienced cycle mechanic on cycle routes, road safety and ways to look after the bike.
A 50% discount to buy the loan bike at the end of the 12-week period

Mike Sharrett is the Bike Workshop Manager based at the social enterprise in Trowbridge – “Transport difficulties can prevent people on low income from accessing work, training and other opportunities, which could improve their chances of a healthier lifestyle, with increased independence and improved employment prospects.”

“Travel can be costly and particularly difficult in rural areas. Bikes however can provide a healthy and affordable transport option, over a short to moderate distances. Despite this, we know cycling is less popular in lower income households.”

“The Wheels-to-Independence project directly addresses these barriers to cycling, by providing additional incentives, extra encouragement and motivation to individuals, who do not own a bike, to give riding a chance. Our bike experts at the Julian House Bike Workshop in Trowbridge are passionate about bikes and take pride in inspiring a diverse range of people to start cycling”.

For more information and to apply, please contact Sandra Parkin

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